Zazou Teas

Our mission at Zazou Teas is to provide beverages that promote food as your way to a healthy, balanced lifestyle, that excites your tastebuds. 

You have a lot of beverage options, why not choose the one that gives back to your body? 

The Story of Zazou...

In 2011, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, and was told by my doctor that not only would I have to give up the activities that I loved, but to prescribe to a lifestyle that included multiple prescriptions that made me feel worse. 

Me, being a chef, who lives an active lifestyle, was not convinced sitting on the sofa taking medicine that didn't work was the answer for me.

Then along came Zazou...a collection of iced teas that focuses on using fresh, functional ingredients, that give back to your body...naturally and holistically. 

What is different about Zazou is we focus on every ingredient having a purpose for being in your beverage. We use no beet/cane/artificial sweeteners, all fresh, natural ingredients, and made in small batches. This way you get the most benefits from each ingredient. We are committed to never compromising on this. 

Whether you're active, or not, or want an alternative to the options you see every day, Zazou is the beverage we all need. 

-Tia McDonald

Owner and Founder

Zazou Teas

“Zazou’s Turmeric Tinct is my favorite mid-afternoon drink! The balance of slights wetness, and a little spice perks me up and satisfies my urge for an afternoon coffee. Plus the turmeric helps with my sensitive stomach, especially after lunch!

It also tastes good AF!”

Larissa C.
25, Philadelphia, PA

About Us

Tia McDonald

Owner, Zazou Teas

Tia McDonald is a classically trained chef and the founder of Zazou Teas. Tia’s exploration of food began at a young age. As a child, she began cooking with her mother and grandmother, both introducing Tia to her Alabama roots, shadowing them in the kitchen as she learned the family recipes at the age of seven. Tia continued her education at the Culinary Institute of America, graduating from the college in 1998. 

At the height of her career, Tia was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, a devastating condition for a chef. As she explored treatment options, she began brewing herbal teas to support her body and overall health. Soon, she was making batches for friends, family and colleagues, who like Tia, were unable to find balanced, healthful, flavorful teas on store shelves.

Tia officially launched Zazou Teas in 2019. Infused with powerful antioxidants including turmeric, ginger, and apple cider vinegar, each premium tea is crafted from 100% all-natural ingredients. A unique multi-day steeping process ensures that the holistic potential of each ingredient is unlocked, all the while developing the blend’s complex, nuanced flavors. “Food can serve our bodies in so many ways,” says Tia. “When we understand how to nourish ourselves, we can begin to understand what it means to be truly well.”